Important Field rules for Paintball and Airsoft everyone must follow:

  1. Keep your mask (full face mask, not just goggles) on at all times when on the fields.
  2. When not playing, barrelĀ bags should be in use at all times.
  3. Paintball Markers should be shooting (chronoed) under 280 fps (feet per second). 400 fps for Airsoft using .20 gram BB's. 500 fps for Airsoft snipers using .20 with 100 feet min. engagement, Rate of Fire under 25 rps.
  4. Never look down the barrel of a marker or Airsoft gun.
  5. No shooting or dry firing up at the house or in staging areas.
  6. Only wear masks that are made specifically for Paintball or Airsoft.
  7. Make sure any tank you use is up to date. (hydro date) Most tanks are good for 5 years.
  8. Never shoot someone with the barrel directly touching their body. Minimum engagement distance is 20 feet.
  9. Keep yourself hydrated while playing; drink lots of water, even if you're not really thirsty.
  10. Never assume that a marker or Airsoft gun is empty.
  11. Keep you finger off the trigger until the game has started.
  12. No intentional shots to the head or neck.
  13. No blind shooting, you must be looking at what you are shooting at.
  14. No abusive language, this is a family friendly environment.
  15. Do not shoot players who have already been eliminated.
  16. Violators will be ejected with no warnings!