Airsoft Frequently Asked Questions
If this is your first time playing Airsoft or if you have played a few times already but you may still have a few questions. So we have put together a few of the commonly most asked questions we get asked on or off the field. If you can not find your answer here give us a call or ask us at the field we will be glad to help.
1. What is Airsoft?
Answer: Airsoft games are played with an AEG (Automatic-Electric Guns) and are battery powered or a GBB (Gas Blow Back) rifle or pistol and use a 6mm plastic or bio-degradable BB. The game is based upon honor since there is no markings to show your hits.
2. Does it hurt when you get hit in Airsoft?
Answer: For the most part the hit feels like a pinch or a little sting. Getting shot in the knuckle or other sensitive parts will hurt a little more, so wearing the appropriate protection will help. Since their is no paint to make marks you are responsible for calling your hits since the game is based upon your honor.
3. What should I wear for Airsoft?
Answer: Most people who play the sport wear military style of gear and clothing. Good footwear is a must since you play on a variety terrain in the woods. We have camo jump suits, gloves, neck protectors and hats available at the field for purchase.
4. What other items should I bring for Airsoft?
Answer: An extra pair of shoes and clothes to change if needed, sometimes our fields can get a little muddy. We are an outdoors only field. During the summer months bug spray helps with the pests, but apply before putting on your gear. Most importantly do not apply to your paintball mask  or goggles since some bug sprays may ruin or compromise the safety of the goggles and or plastics.
5. How old do I have to be to play Airsoft?
Answer: The minimum age limit to play at Paintball Sportsland is ten (10) years old and a waiver must be signed by the parent or legal guardian. It is also suggested that the parent be present, if a parent is not present Paintball Sportsland will not be held liable for any forged signatures. Please bring the waiver dated and signed with you to the field or have them ready before checking in. Waivers can be downloaded from here.
6. Can I bring my own equipment?
Answer: Yes
Under 18 you must have a full paintball mask that has not been modified.
∙ 18 and over you must have ANSI z87.1 full seal goggles, with lower face and ear protection.
∙ Barrel socks are required on all Airsoft guns. Pistols must be mags out or in a holster in the staging areas and in no fire areas.
∙ All HPA tanks must be within the test date of 5 years and not have any cracks or visible signs of damage. Ask the shop if you are uncertain.
∙ Maximum velocity is 400 fps (feet per second) with .20 bb's and ROF under 25
∙ You can bring your own bb's to use in your own equipment or you can buy them in our Pro Shop, our prices are very competitive.
7. What weather conditions do you allow play?
Answer: We play rain or shine. We do however suspend play for lighting storms, or inclement weather. If the weather conditions are considerable bad we will post the closing on our facebook page. If you are unsure you can always call the field (301)898-1100.